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King Of The Little Serpents.... :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 1 Aliens: Metamorphosis: Xeena Viden bio. :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 3 The Amalthea :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 0 Question #16 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 6 The Spacer and Serpent :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 3 0 Xeena's Questions and Answers #5 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 3 2 Xeena's Questions and Answers #4 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 8 Combat Medic Xeena/Nurse Viden... :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 3 7 Xeena's Questions and Answers #3 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 4 8 Xeena's Questions and Answers #2 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 2 2 Xeena's Questions and Answers #1 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 1 0 Ask The Wife Mrs. Xeena Crowe Moonman :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 3 10 Xeena Discovers The Truth... :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 0 3 Question #15 With a Announcement... :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 3 6 Moonman221998 Sfm Model Currently in progress... :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 2 2 Question #14 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 4 1


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Lee Crowe Moonman. "Moonie"
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
For many years I watched people make awesome Gmod videos, now it's my turn, I'm Moonman221998 and...I'm not sure what I am... But anyways I make Artwork and Gmod videos not sure if I should call myself a Gmodder yet since I'm still training to be much better so I guess come and join the ride as I make my way to the top and be somebody else than just an average nobody in real life


King Of The Little Serpents....

And Proud of it! Here is all the Ladies, Including Newest Born Xeeta all the way to the left with the bottle.

I've had this idea for awhile and i was going to originally see if someone could draw a picture like this but in my honest opinon i don't wanna trouble someone with it.

Two Years ago i made a Pic Feat: Owen Grady and The Raptor Squad, it was really a cute picture so i got the idea to make a newer version but With little serpents instead of dinosaurs.... In a way Moon is sorta Like Owen, Being able to live in the safety of vicious creatures but going as far as to marry a beta and settle down a little bit.

Here they are, all eight including Xirra, Who used to Love Chilling out on top of her dad's hair, Many things are happening because they are kids in this version while still being who they are today, Xelexis is not exactly to happy being held, while her Sis Xeelya looks at her confused by her behavior, Xoeyy is scared by the fact she's closer to her siblings and is trying to get her dad's attention. Xeeta is just nursing on Chocolate Milk, Xanni Loves to see everyone together as is really touched while holding onto her fathers arm, Xarrah is on his shoulder just looking at her Twin Xelexis in wonder for being a little bratty for Lee holding her, Xaade is just doing her little photo bombing trying to look a little cool for the camera.

Each of them are special in their own little way, love them so much and i can't believe how well this turned out and it's the cutest thing, I'll release the one with Xeena on Friday which i'll frame in my room.

Oh and um :iconfataliatheshadow: I hope you don't mind if i do my own request, I was going to ask the other day but i wasn't sure if you could draw Xenomorphs including little ones so i did it for ya and you got to admit it's cute right? I'm not sure if you'll be mad but i just didn't want you to do something like that for me because i'm not worth putting time and effort over, i learned that from my dad.

Goodish News, I will Open Requests as Soon as my entry is out, If people want to donate just know i will willingly do them for free and if you pay me i'll just donate them to my friends since they can make good use with them, I help you and you help me help them. I'll Post the Requests Pic after my next video so don't start leaving requests down bellow cause this is a picture that deserves comments saying how freaking adorable this is, That's all. 

Aliens: Metamorphosis: Xeena Viden bio.

Viden Was Born on Oliva Station along side her Mother and Siblings to be used by Weyland Yutani to further their research of the species, Tortured By Wey-Yu Scientists using horrible means....For Science..As always.....

When She was Born she was a small and frail Chestburster compared to her brood and was going to be Executed for those reasons but Doctor Simmons along side Mr. Weyland himself Convinced others that "This one is Special" and while they saved her life they unknowingly started something that would give Viden all the more reasons to hate Weyland Yutani.

Once She had taken the truly beautiful shape of a Warrior the pain began, Viden while small was unique to many who had seen her and that gave them all the more reason to 'Research' her. They Tooks samples from her, Cut into her armor and collected stuff from her in order to properly make sure She was healthy. She fumbled in her binds and hissed at them as they would do this to her but there was nothing She could do so She let them do whatever they wanted to her as She and the many other Xeno's who had to endure this pain for several years all planned vengence against the Humans... Things did look better however, No longer was she held down as they collected what they had wanted from her, screeching in pain begging them to let her go and to stop touching and cutting her, Now All they did was throw her into a cage and left her there while they were planning on what to do with her in the future.

It took a while but they found out she along with her siblings could indeed talk with humans, it didn't sound really pleasent to hear them speak just so you know. So they decided to test the Xen since the amount of intelligence they had was unlike any Xenomorph they had ever researched in their lives, They tested her by handing her books that She torn to shreds at first but after shock thearpy VIA shock collar, She ends up doing as they say and begans to learn about basic language. She learned enough words to personally give them her mind but She would always be ignored or Shocked for trying to talk without their permission. Viden Stood strong thanks to her Mothers words echoing in her mind and She strived to survive as long as possible even if it meant She would have to witness her Siblings deemed un-worthy die by their hands.

Her health was not only the main priority, they were more concerened about her Strength and Skills in combat as well. The main goal was to create Intelligent Creatures that can be manipulated through psychological means, The term "Brainwash" was to put it short....After all "They could be very Loyal if we succeed in our Plans by manipulating their strong minds" another reason for them testing her was also to make sure that The Xen bred from Viden could be the most deadliest warriors for Weyland's Bioweapons Division. She worked hard, They thrown everything at her and She nearly died doing so but with tactics and watching her Enemies movement patterns and behavior, Striked at the perfect opportunity.... It was hard but She managed to take down any type of threat to her, impressing all of the Scientists aboard the Station for her Flexability, Intelligent thinking skills and True Will-Power. All coming from such a tiny and feminine bug like herself, A runt of the litter...

Over months She got to know most of the people working on the Project, She was the runner up Crown Jewel in their eyes and they focused attention on her and four others. She remembered them, all of their names and She knew to well who was on her kill list. Doctor Jefferson, Doctor Renolds, Doctor Ji, Doctor Willson, Doctor Dallas, Doctor Stevens and Doctor Sara....A Woman who ran the whole Project and as She had seen, Managed to use her Charm and Sultry ways in order to get people to do whatever She wanted to be done. But one of them wasn't that terrible, His name was Doctor Xavier Simmons. A Man in his 30's who never really did anything but just watch her and feed her when it was time for lunch, He was the only Human that didn't treat her badly but still let all of this continue to happen to her over the long and painful weeks to come...He was not that bad, He was just a Doctor doing what he was paid to do but if he were to drop dead some day soon She could care less.

They Continued to Study her as Plans for her Future start to be more clear, They shipped her four Sisters off that they were interested in and sent them away to be used for other tests at their destined locations, While they were planning to kill the rest of her Family including Eden her Mother soon, Since Viden would make the perfect Queen in their eyes...... So She sat on the ground against the glass wall that looked outwords into Space as Doctor Simmons watched her and just sit there and do nothing for hours. The only thing She remembered was his sad face looking down at her as he was sitting there in his chair, This would be the last time She would ever see Simmons because something happened a few hours later....

Everything went on as usual "Just another Routine Checkup" She thought when red lights started to flash with a loud noise repeating over and over, Then right as the Humans were getting ready to leave and the Synths took postions Viden Watched as her Siblings rushed into the room passed her and headed towards any who dared cross their paths and kill them, Her Brothers were the first to go down since They acted all on rage. which left her Sisters to strike carefully and kill. She yelled and Screeched trying to get them to let her out but none bothered to even pass a glance in her direction, after all they viewed her as a weakling and the main center piece for the scientists, No one except her Mother would listen and while Eden did try to convince them all to help her Little One they decided to do something else in that amount of time instead of helping Viden.

It looked like She was Stuck there for now, but that didn't mean She wouldn't even try to call out to anyone who could possibly help her, Soon She felt the presence of a Stranger and saw the Human enter the room not even noticing She was there. He worn Dark Blue Metallic Armor that was adorned on his torso, Legs and helmet while also wearing a grey suit underneath it, He held an Advanced Pulse Rifle in his arms and the Helmet's visor was a very bright light blue that lit up the room where ever the helmet was directed. As it seemed he was looking for something or someone around the labs when She realized he heard her pleas for help once he began calling out to someone, She made herself clear to him and what would happen next would change her life for the better.

While she orignally used charm to sway him to let her go he actually let her speak, made a few jokes and offered comments and feedback that while it was slightly negative it made him seem...Alive in a way, not at all robotic like these sorry excuse for monsters called "Humans" just chit chatting like a normal person, After telling him what She known about the place She made the offer of getting her out of there and in return for enternal servitude and surprisingly, He left the labs to find key cards for the locked terminal keeping the door shut and came back with the three required to open her cage, She was in disbelief of what he had done. He let her go and was willing to get her off the station. She was truly thankful for his breath taking act of kindness but once She finally smelled his scent after hugging him did She realized he was a filthy, disgusting Human and that alone caused her to got into a frenzy and pin him to the floor and ready a killing blow with her second set of jaws and small tail, Then when it looked like he would face his death at the hands of the bug he freed, knowing full well that She would kill him once he did let her go and was willing to accept it after losing his friends to "Red Devils" he with a few words managed to snap her out of it and realize who she was planning to kill and that convinced her to not kill him and let him go, but not without investigating his form, She never really got to be that up close with a Human before, Well an alive one any way.

They both got to talking after that and decided to work together and to get her and the rest of her surviving Family off the Station for good, They got them all out through shuttles and escape pods and once it was Eden's turn to leave She made sure that Viden, Now nicknamed "Xeena" would look out and take good care of the Human for being nice enough to give them a chance at freedom and a new life. She didn't know this Man. She had no idea He would end up meaning a whole lot more to her over time, even if He would not give her his first name as they were 'Pals' and even if he hated her for her species violent reputation. Until the day She dies Xeena a former Slave to the Company will never forget what he did for her that day or those words he spoke that would repeat in her mind, that make her feel strange anytime he ever speaks to her.... "My Name's Crowe, Lieutenant Crowe..."

The Amalthea
Moonman221998's Main Interstellar Travel Spaceship, "The Amalthea" Named after The Last Unicorn Amathea....

It's a really Badass Designed looking Ship, It's one of those vehicles that scream awesomeness but it's only in space and is large enough to Hold Over 300 People in the main part of the ship and 37 for the ones who are in charge of the engines....

So, Why am I releasing this now? Well I was thinking about taking a 'Vacation' To a nice little island on the beach with a few friends of mine...
Question #16

Question From :iconbattledroidunit047:

You'd have to Check Xeena's Q&a's and mine to get to know her character... I have a bio about who i was before i met her and i'll publish her bio on monday. My Story Aliens: Metamorphosis: Lieutenant Lee Crowe bio
So Yeah, that's why i married her, She's more Human like than the animalistic monsters shown in comics, games and movies... She is a Special Xenomorph, My Special Xenomorph

(I just realized i'm 18 years old while making the first four panels, so that's why i dropped the mic with the last panel saying that....I'm old enough to do that and all i do is be tame most of the time in public, can't hurt to show my bad boy side once in a while....)

Yep, So that's why I'm married to a Xenomorph Queen and that's about it...

Oh and people can still ask 'ME' Questions, Xeena just want's some spotlight with me too and ask Questions....

The Spacer and Serpent
Just an old Pic of Zi-zi trying out for a Job as a Team Combat Medic, She is gifted i'll give her that.... I Hope I.C.E wouldn't mind letting her continue following her dreams as a Healer/Doctor tending to and caring for some of our pals with no money back. (She prefers no payment, helping is good enough for her)

She also makes killer foods, Damn good ones.... I used to be better at it than her but she bested me pretty well after she read some books. Just wait til you try her cooking m8, it's just the best tasting Italian foods in the world.

I really like the way the Picture turned out, Looks good and if anything would look even better if it was a screenshot for a Video, That'd be cool.


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Sounds like a great idea! Be sure to message me on steam so we could talk about it, Also we had another kid two weeks before LOLScorpions birthday who is pretty smart for such a little one and she barely knows her 'Other Family' yet (A.k.a Aunt Shade, Uncles Scorp, Reeze and Top) I'm looking forward to talking about this soon... ^-^

(P.S. Her name Is Xeeta Reeze Top, I guarantee if our mutual friend found out he would flip a gasket XD)
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